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Specially designed to gently cleanse sensitive areas around the eyes and outside the ears.


It leaves the baby's skin dry, giving a feeling of well-being and softness all day long.


It is designed to safely apply to the parent's finger to gently clean the baby's mouth.


Safety  buds for children and babies 0&64pcsIdeal for  children daily care. In healthy, convenient package. 


Baby Ointment  30 gProtection and treatment of nappy rashYour baby's skin is very absorbent and sensitive, therefore it needs a safe, gentle product to care for and protect it. Bepanthol is so gentle it can be used at every nappy change, it can even be used on the highly sensitive skin of premature babies, as it contains no fragrance, preservatives,...


For the cleaning and protection of the first baby teeth


Multifunction gum gel 4m+ 30ml4m+ : SoothingBabies need to soothe gums that are soared due to teething.


SensiTeeth Kids Tooth Paste 500ppm 50mlAgainst caries for children from 3 years to 6 years 500ppm Fluoride and Calcium Pleasant blueberry flavor.


SensiTeeth First Tooth Paste 40ml Daily cleaning of teeth. Toothpaste for the first dentition, for infants from 6 months to 3 years old children. Without Fluoride and Calcium with Xylitol 8% and Stevia. 

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