Active Baby-Dry Diapers 6 (Extra Large) 15 + Kg 30 Diapers

PAMPERS Active Baby-Dry Πάνες Μέγεθος 6 (Extra Large) 15+Kg 30 Πάνες



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Active Baby-Dry No 6

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Are you ready for a diaper revolution? From the very first moment you use Pampers Active Baby-Dry Diapers you will notice that it is not like our previous diapers. Their revolutionary technology, with the three absorbent channels, helps to distribute the moisture evenly and removes it, so there is less moist volume in the morning. In fact, they look so comfortable and dry that you will wonder where the pee went!

     3 absorbent channels: Helps to evenly distribute moisture in relation to non-branded diapers
    Absorbent Micropearls: The indoor absorbing layer with micropearls, absorbs and locks moisture for up to 12 hours of dryness
    Absorption mattress: It is specially designed to directly remove moisture
    Soft as cotton: The upper absorption layer keeps your baby's skin dry and gentle during the night
    Breathing Materials: Allow the air to move
    Rubber bumper: For comfort and protection against leaks throughout the night

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