KORRES Black Sugar Oriental Lilly Violet Eau de Toilette 50ml

KORRES Black Sugar Oriental Lilly Violet Eau de Toilette 50ml



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Orient / Sweet / Addictive

Κατόπιν Παραγγελίας

The typical aromatic signature Black Sugar -isorropimeni sweetness with oriental elements; the dotted line defining the distinctive freshness and sense of Oriental Lily powder and lively, intoxicating character of Violet and Vanilla. The starting point is sweet. At the top of the aromatic experience revealed a combination of warm, rich notes of Caramel and Amber. An agreement of notes full, feminine and a sweet feeling "pandering" female power.

Black sugar: Dark and yet luxury version of sugar.
The Black Sugar has a charming, surprisingly dynamic character Sweet, addictive aura with oriental elements.

Oriental lilly: Timeless symbol of innocence, reminiscent of summer walks in flower gardens.
The Greeks attributed the origin of the existence of the flower in the milk of the queen of the gods.
The Oriental Lily represents the intersection of force and femininity.

Violet: The first sign of the coming of spring, even before they appear the first green leaves on trees -the fragile flower of Violet is connected with the sense of romance.
The petite this flower, symbol of ancient Greece, composes an aromatic accord with dominant sweet powdery notes.